Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)

Member states: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia

Population: 102.9 million

GDP: USD 382.8 billion

Visa openness 

The Arab Maghreb Union comprises five North African countries. Their average AVOI score is lower than that of the members of any other regional economic community except ECCAS. AMU includes Mauritania, which ranks among the continent’s top 10. 

Regional reciprocity

The visa regime of several AMU member states is much more open to countries within AMU than to countries elsewhere on the continent. Tunisia ranks highest in this regard, offering visa-free travel to the nationals of all other AMU member states. Algeria follows closely behind, offering visa- free access to three of its four fellow AMU member states. Overall, visa-free travel is possible, on a reciprocal basis, in 60% of other countries within the AMU.

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