Visa openness findings, 2021

People queuing for plane

For the first time since the AVOI was launched in 2016, many countries backslid on their AVOI ranking over the year. For example, only nine countries offered visa-free access or a visa on arrival to all African visitors in 2021, down from 11 countries in 2020. 

Just under half of the continent’s countries—5% fewer than in 2020—offered visa-free access or a visa upon arrival to the citizens of at least one other African country. More Africans than before must now obtain a visa before travelling.

In most countries, the newly restrictive measures are temporary. They are largely meant to manage and contain the spread of the pandemic. They are expected to be removed once the situation normalizes.

The number of countries offering an eVisa in 2021 remained constant: 24 countries, or 44% of the continent.

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